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queen Nov 76 7569 8:68 pm I love love rain! Jk nd yooona awesome chemistry, wish u guys re really n love. Jk u re now my best Korea actor,am swept off my feet wit ur smile. Keep it up guys

Love Rome - Film tours in Rome and team building events

The JKS and Yoona pairing was an excellent choice and the chemistry between the two wasn''t forced like in many dramas and you could feel the sparks flying between them throughout the show (and in the BTSs too).

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You can see where they were standing in this shot. It was easy for the city to knock down the bricks of the building, but the streel support at the bottom went last. This picture came from a DVD package for the movie.

sonn Sep 67 7567 5:69 am i just luv dis dramas especialy In Ha and Yoon Hee''s luv story..its so i could paint like In Ha n paint someone i luv.

Kylie Obillo Sep 67 7568 8:99 am I''m so addicted with this Kdrama! I love it! When I''ve watched the scene that In ha and yoon hee had fallen in love with each other but In ha was thinking about his friend who did fell in love too with yoon hee, i was already captivated! Their Love was so pure and innocent! Ant at present time, Ha na and seo jun was made for each other! i love them! The story is very unique. Words can''t explain how happy I am when I''ve seen this!! :) :) 8

Just the right balance of humor is included in this mostly sad and very romantic film. Wonderful soundtrack. Swayze is oh-so-hot -- even as a dead guy.

David Thang May 57 7567 9:68 am Love Rain is the BEST DRAMA EVER!!! It is different from other korean dramas so it is Unique and VERY SPECIAL!! It is soo ADDICTIVE that i watched the latest episodes even WITHOUT ENGLISH SUBS!!! Love Rain will surely win MILLIONS of AWARDS!!! But i hope the rating will soar soon!!

Later, Joon hears an odd cellphone ringtone. Joon then realizes that he has someone else''s cellphone in his pocket. Meanwhile, Ha-Na goes to a shooting site to retrieve her cellphone, but Joon isn''t there. Because of Joon''s constantly changing schedule, Ha-Na''s misses him three separate times. Finally, Ha-Na goes to Joon''s hotel. After waiting until past midnight in the hotel lobby for Joon, Ha-Na decides to go into Joon''s hotel room to retrieve her cellphone. Nobody is in the room and the door is unlocked. Ha-Na finds her cellphone, but suddenly Joon and a model walk through the door.

This is a great story of chance, meddling, and just pure fun. The chemistry between Hanks and Ryan is convincing, and you''ll smile through your tears!

russ Apr 56 7567 67:86 pm winter sonata is popular in it''s own right and time, it''s way too late for this drama and those times are over.. this drama IS NOT A WINNER AT ALL and with yoonas poor acting skills, it kills the drama. you watch ROOFTOP PRINCE and KING7HEARTS and you''ll know what drama is, RATINGS MATTER, NUMBERS DON''T LIE. i love jang geun suk and yoona but everything else doesn''t fit.. peace!

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