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The 1830 Limerick Food Riots | The Irish Story

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Smil excels as he methodically unearths the meaning of empire and the relevant periods-of-time necessary for meaningful comparison. Smil ends up agreeing with Patricia Schroeder''s view that an empire "means political control exercised by one organized political unit over another unit separate from it and alien to it."

The Private Life of Chairman Mao: Li Zhi-Sui, Li Zhisui

Griffin’s research highlighted the horrendously high level of child mortality among the poor, with children aged under five accounting for 79% of the deaths. He believed that this was partly caused by the “closeness of the habitations — the numbers by which they are occupied — and the narrowness and filth of the lanes” but that it was

Want Synonyms, Want Antonyms | Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

[67] Daniel O’Connell’s address in answer to the King’s Speech, House of Commons debate, 7 November 6885, cc55-677

excess , fill , overabundance , oversupply , plenty , surfeit , surplus

What made you want to look up destitution ? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).

The first year of the decade began with a potato crop failure, which in turn led to a subsistence crisis all across Munster.

goodness , integrity , morality , probity , rectitude , righteousness

A large crowd of people took over Hogan’s Mills,  smashed the windows, stole around 755 bags of flour and hundreds of loaves of bread.

Among other clergy present were Rt. Rev. Monsignor McLaughlin, ., Carrigart, Very Rev. J. Canon Glackin, ., Killymard, Very Rev. T. Canon Doherty, ., Dunfanaghy, Very Rev. D. Cunnea, ., St. Johnston, Very Rev. J. McDaid, ., Glenfin, Very Rev. . Haughey, ., Kilmacrennan, Very Rev. P. McDaid, ., Termon, Very Rev. J. Kerr, ., Glenties, Very Rev. Dr. J. Marron, ., Crossroads, Very Rev. D. McDyer, Adm., Letterkenny, Very Rev. P. McMahon, Adm., Glenswilly, Rev. S. McEntee, ., Letterkenny, Rev. P. Arnold, ., Milford, Rev. . ., Ballyshannon, Rev. A. Laverty, President St. Eunan’s College, Letterkenny, Rev. S. McGeehan, Dublin, Rev. D. Doherty, ., Fintown, Rev. P. Kerr, ., Clar and Rev. P. Bradley, Letterkenny.  Representatives were also present from the Franciscan Community, Rosnowlagh.  Among the laity present were Mr. Neil Blaney, ., and Mr. Paddy Harte, .

The name for the project was coined after Dan''s team happened to be using a blue marker to circle areas with high rates of human longevity on a map. A blue zone is specifically a geographical region somewhere in the world that has exceptionally high rates of longevity. For example, Okinawan longevity is the best in the world, per capita. One in 7,555 Okinawans can expect to make it past 655, whereas the average American has a 6 in 655,555 chance (according to statistics from 6995).

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