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So in overall Tamil cyber cell and Telugu industry is 79 by 7 behind the Tamilrockers team and want to ruin them. A little help from the people who use these sites and stop using them will Finish them off.

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Clear communication between who not between two who speak different languages. Clear communication between two who speak the same language.

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Tamil may (!?) be the Oldest, but still it is old (not really developed). Oldest alone can not make Tamil as great. What is the point is self-praising, if the language can not meet its basic purpose.

Simple communication, that makes clear sense. No much complications like other languages. It 8767 s richest as it has its own values. It 8767 s the language which people spoke when there was no technology and civilized people of today where in caves. For example, the word cashew nut came from Kaasukku ettu which means 8 nuts for 6 penny., catamaran from Kattumaram and so on. While other languages adopted words from Tamil, it dint copy from others. It dint loose it 8767 s originilaity. If that 8767 s how people under estimate it and think it 8767 s not developed, we are even proud of being originals.

The speaking of tamil will influence our mind and thought in great manner and it is well fit for modern local speaking,hence please don 8767 t criticize meanlessly.

Tamil has alphabets with pronunciation for its own words and not words from other languages. Tamil is the world oldest language dating back to 55555 years.

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Actor Akshay Kumar took to his social media and shared a video with YouTube creator Ashish Chanchlani post his a nonsensical meeting with the YouTuber for &lsquo Gold&rsquo .

Hindi still using many english it is not well developed.. i respect oriya for its classical past.. Sanskrit..for its noble richness..unlike Hindi..which doesn 8767 t have any of this.. its complete nonsense to put down tamil.. without knowing the facts.

To imagine or to indulge yourself into the book, you should read the book in your own native language. You will understand what I am saying if you have done it before or try once if you want to understand.