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Oddly for a domestic dog, he has been shown to still be alive thirty years in the future, as a highly evolved canine with a large cerebellum (" Holidays of Future Passed ") and a creature stitched together out of pieces of both he and Snowball II , in which form he is known as "Santa's Little Hybrid" (" Days of Future Future ").

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See a person in an NPS Volunteer shirt or hat? Ask them questions about the difficulty of the trail or the posted rules. They know the trails like the back of their hands, and are great resources. They are also the ones who often call in the helicopters to air-evac injured hikers, so be nice to them!

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In " Jiminy Cricket ", after the titular character 's speech, Hercules openly expressed interest in having Jiminy replace Phil as his trainer.

He is a Greyhound with light brown fur. His rib cage is visible possibly because of being malnourished, but this isn't due to any form of neglect as the Simpson family is seen feeding Santa's Little Helper the proper amount of food and, on some occasions, too much. His paws aren't details and only appear to be little stubs. His ears are in an arched shape.

Have Grumpy’s all to yourself! Room rental starts at $755, and food minimums start at $6555. Give us a call and we can talk details! !

Rachael is from the town of Peebles in the Scottish Borders. She is currently finishing her MA in Musical Theatre at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland before going on tour with Trainspotting and can also be seen in 8766 9 to 5 8767 and 8766 Confessions of a Justified Songwriter 8767 with Assembly this Fringe. Other theatre credits include: Swinging Into Christmas (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), Caledonia USA Tales from The Secret Annex (workshop RCS), Trainspotting (The Kings Head Theatre/In Your Face Theatre), Trainspotting (The Kings Head Theatre/Assembly Edinburgh Fringe), RENT (EdFootlights), The 75th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (EUSOG) and Playground Platoon (Black Dingo Productions). Rachael also worked as the Head Actor in immersive tours at The Edinburgh Dungeon.

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Trainspotting is the story of Mark Renton and his friends, living through the Edinburgh heroin scene of the 85s. Harry Gibson’s original stage adaptation, written before it became the famous blockbuster film, was instantly successful and controversial, and won the Sunday Times Award for Best New Play. For this 76st anniversary production, In Your Face Theatre’s Scottish cast have created a snappy and vibrant affirmation of the power and humour of the piece.

Chris is a and rowdy actor with growing experience in the industry. He has been working with In Your Face Theatre since their premier production of The Hard Man at the fringe and a Scottish tour playing Renfrew, a corrupt police warden with a taste for violence. This trend continued when he was cast as Francis Begbie in Trainspotting back in 7568 and after near 755 performances over four different venues, the psychotic madman is his favourite part to date. Just out of pantomime season he was the unlikely hero to save the princess in Sleeping Beauty at Cumbernauld Theatre but is very much looking forward to work with this much loved cast and crew to get his aggro back.