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When Dropbox employees walked into their new office on Brannan Street last month, they were dazzled by something they hadn't seen before — a gleaming, 5-foot-tall panda statue made of chrome.

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The statue was made in recognition of the company's panda mascot. It was seen as a stamp of approval, signaling to the world that Dropbox belongs in Silicon Valley's elite club, where extravagant office decor has become the norm.

For Mozilla Firefox, there are two options. FoxVox is one of the text-to-speech options for Firefox, where you simply highlight the text you want read. Text to Voice is the add-on that will appear in any tab in Firefox and will read the selected text.

If you own an Apple computer with Mac OS X, you won’t need a plugin! The operating system comes with its own built-in text-to-speech program. VoiceOver is Apple’s screen reading technology, and to launch it, all you have to do is press Command + F5.

A lot of this has to do with the slowing venture-funding environment in Silicon Valley. Investors have become much more conservative with their money lately, and are losing patience for startups that have failed to generate returns after years of free spending.

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Dropbox isn't the only high-profile startup to unleash a company-wide cost-cutting campaign lately. A number of unicorn startups, worth over $6 billion, including Evernote, Jawbone, and Tango, have all gone through some form of cost cuts, whether layoffs, office closures, or reduced employee perks.

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