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God, the look on Bonnie''s face was devastating. Her best friend was forsaking her! (Kat Graham was legitimately great in this episode, as she has been all season, and this scene was so powerful based mostly on her performance. So good.)

Life After The Vampire Diaries: See what the TVD Cast''s

"The Vampire Diaries" showrunner Julie Plec will executive produce "The Originals" and serve as head writer. Plec developed "Diaries" along with Kevin Williamson, who will not be involved with "Originals". Leslie Morgenstein will executive produce for Alloy Entertainment. Morgenstein is also currently executive producer of the hit ABC Family series "Pretty Little Liars". Senior vice president of television for Alloy Entertainment, Gina Girolamo , will also executive produce. Michael Narducci will serve as the show''s producer.

Who is Paul Wesley dating? Paul Wesley girlfriend, wife

In the third season finale, determined to protect his sister, Jeremy makes a decision that will change everything. Bonnie makes a secret deal that has heartbreaking consequences.

While fans of The Originals are justifiably disappointed that they 8767 ll have to wait until early 7567 for their fix of Mikaelson madness, The CW 8767 s decision to delay Season 9 actually worked in the show 8767 s favor at least as far as its timeline is concerned.

Guys and friends, thank you sincerely for reading these recaps this season. It has been a tremendous pleasure to get to do these and I''m really grateful for your thoughtful comments and feedback. Please have an extraordinary summer.

Oh, and just to make it official, bye Jo. Jo was so nice and deserved better. So yeah, this was really tough. Alaric put a sad death shroud over the dead wife of his dead unborn children. That makes THREE dead girlfriends, right? Alaric was clearly done.

Man, remember when Bonnie could only do these tiny little tricks? Lighting candles with her brain and lifting up leaves and whatnot. She''s come a long way. Still though, simple pleasures.

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What are your hopes for The Originals and The Vampire Diaries 8766 upcoming seasons? Drop 8767 em in a comment below.

The bride was dead. Alaric''s heart was shattered and also he was going to need some Purell. Meanwhile Damon couldn''t revive Elena (vampire blood no longer has a healing effect on her) and when Stefan and Caroline tried to help, a certain cloaked assh*le did THIS:

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