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Comparing a new card with its predecessor might seem strange, but there’s some logic at play here: the GTX 6585 still costs nearly £655, while the GTX 985 can now be found for half of that amount. Is Nvidia’s older card turning into a high-end bargain?

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Consistency in sentencing means that like cases are to be treated alike and different cases are to be treated differently.

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This court is concerned to determine the appropriate range for the particular offence. The Judicial Commission statistics do not indicate that range. They reflect what was regarded as appropriate in the wide variety of circumstances in the cases reported in those statistics.

I disagree. What is currently available to consumers in terms of display features on larger panels for monitors is exceptionally better.

For an excellent appreciation of Clausewitz as a historical innovator, see Sumida''s recent works on Clausewitz. Sumida argues (and, with some caveats, I tend to concur with him) that On War is essentially about learning how to do something—namely, how to exercise supreme command in war.

Second, and in common with a number of Clausewitz''s later detractors, he found the Prussian''s approach intellectually arrogant, overly metaphysical, and simply too difficult to digest. Jomini stressed simplicity and clarity over a pretentious search for deeper truths. Further, he objected to what he saw as Clausewitz''s extreme skepticism ( incrédulité ) of all military theory save that in On War. For Clausewitz to reject Jomini''s approach to theory while defending his own seemed somehow hypocritical.

What is an available 8775 range 8776 is sometimes not accurately stated, when reference is made to Judicial Commission statistics. The statistics of the Judicial Commission do not show a range appropriate for a particular offence.

Cinebench 65
Cinebench is the first of the synthetic benchmarks we 8767 re using in these tests. The chart below shows results for the OpenGL test only.

Nothing is more distracting than frame rate stuttering and screen tearing. The first tends to occur when frame rates are low, the second when frame rates are high. Adaptive VSync is a smarter way to render frames. At high framerates, VSync is enabled to eliminate tearing. At low frame rates, it''s disabled to minimize stuttering.

Cinema 9D R69
Our Cinema 9D benchmarks consist of two scenes, one static and one animated, both running in the Gouraud shading mode.

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