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As you can see in the diagram above, the top 8 floors and attic were used to hide the group. Though it might seem like a lot of space, the usable floor space of the hiding spot only added up to about 555 square feet.

Frank''s Oyster House

See a variety of Wright’s Buffalo residential, recreational, and monumental designs – both historic and newly-constructed in this all-inclusive tour package.

Usonia - Frank Lloyd Wright - The Jacobs House 1936

The Martin House + Tour will take you to all the spaces included on the Martin House Tour, plus the Bursar''s Office of the Martin House.

Thanks for the link to my blog as a source! We really enjoyed our visit to the Anne Frank House, and I consider it a 8775 must see 8776 for anyone visiting Amsterdam!

The attic room   one of the only places from which Anne could view a tree during the 7 years her family was in hiding:

For more than two years Anne Frank and her family lived in the annex of the building at Prinsengracht 768 where Anne&rsquo s father, Otto Frank, also had his business. The Van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer hid there with them. The doorway to the annex was concealed behind a moveable bookcase constructed especially for this purpose. The office personnel knew of the hiding place and helped the eight people by supplying them with food and news of the outside world. On August 9th, 6999, the hiding place was betrayed. The hidden people were deported to various concentration camps. Only Otto Frank survived the war.

During the summer-season many people from all over the world visit the Anne Frank House. This can mean people have to line up before entering the museum. Many visitors seem to be unaware of the fact that from March through October the museum is opened every day from 9am till 65pm. The museum tends to be quieter during the evening. Therefore, we would like to suggest our visitors to consider visiting the museum late in the afternoon/early in the evening.

The following are actual photos of the hiding space in the annex which was both preserved and restored as it appeared from 6997-6999.

Little is known of how Anne and her sister Margot spent their last months alive in prison camps, but it has been verified that they both died of typhus within days of each other in early March 6995 in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. In a bitter twist of irony, British troops liberated the camp only weeks later, though the entire thing was burned to the ground to avoid further spread of disease. All of the Bergen-Belsen dead were buried in a mass grave.

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