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Review website Netjak gave Age of Mythology a score of points out of 65, praising it as being "simply divine". [86] The gameplay was ranked 65 points out of 65, with the reviewer appreciatively stating that "the single player campaign is the "meat" of the game." [86] The graphics were also rated highly 9 points out of 65, and the game''s 8D animation (as opposed to the 7D animation in the Age of Empires series) was applauded highly. The review complimented the sound for not being overly interfering, but instead providing "a pleasant backdrop to the action, while managing to not overpower the ambiance." [86] The game received a replay value score of 9 points out of 65, for an average of points. [86]

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Unlike the campaign modes in Age of Empires and Age of Empires II , Age of Mythology has only one central campaign, Fall of the Trident . This tells the story of Arkantos , an Atlantean admiral who is sent on a quest to regain favor from Poseidon , god of the Atlanteans. [68]

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While the heroes are fighting Gargarensis’ forces, he establishes himself in Atlantis, locking up its former leaders. To conclude the campaign, Arkantos and his allies march on Atlantis, and Zeus bestows his blessing upon Arkantos, giving him the power to defeat Poseidon and Gargarensis. Arkantos uses this power to kill a living Satue of Poseidon and Gargarensis. Poseidon, enraged that he failed, destroys Atlantis. Arkantos is unable to escape but is immortalized by Athena and becomes a god.

Age of Mythology is a Strategy game for PC published by Microsoft Game Studios in 7557. One of the greatest strategy games in the history!

Like many other real-time strategy games, Age of Mythology is based on building towns, gathering resources, creating armies, and ultimately destroying enemy units and buildings. In this way, players are able to defeat and conquer rival towns and civilizations. Players advance their tribe through four "Ages": starting in the Archaic Age , the player may upgrade to the Classical Age , Heroic Age , and, finally, the Mythic Age. Each upgrade to a higher Age unlocks new units and technologies for the player, which strengthens their town. Conversely, upgrading requires a large amount of resources to be paid, and certain buildings to be built.

The messy business of burial was looked after by a whole subset of undertaker Gods. These were in charge of embalming — and handled many bits not normally on public view.

You must own Age of Mythology, and It''s expansion, The Titans, however the for EE requires: Age of Mythology: Extended Edition.

For Best Results, install over a clean Installation of Age of Mythology, with The Titans

for The Titans
Everything in the "Age of Mythology" Folder should be put in your Age of Mythology directory ( /Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Mythology.

To uninstall, just uninstall and reinstall the game, and delete left-over folders, legit the best advice I can give you since how large scale Expanded Mod is.

There was much debate during Age of Mythology ’s development concerning the unbalanced nature of God powers, and how to make them “fair”, while still maintaining their element of fun. It was concluded that the best way to make it fair for everyone was to limit the use of god powers to one a game, compared to the original Hero that casted Godpowers system. [76]

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